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I am a musician with a oldest computer, but despite this, I am able to make cool songs!
Yes, I really need a new computer.
I make songs in different genres, but mostly it's Techno and Dance.
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Hi everybody.

During this year, I began to release fewer songs, just because I began to feel a certain loss of interest in creating music. Yes, it is.

In fact, it turned out to be a rather time-consuming hobby that takes a lot of time. Moreover, my old computer, which I STILL have, is literally on its last breath when it reproduces my entire project in FL. I was really tired of this activity and decided not to torment my computer with this work anymore.

By this year, the number of listens, downloads, ratings and comments on my songs began to drop rapidly, my songs don't get into Frontpaged (only one got into it: Night Drive), which is why I decided not to continue making songs anymore, since interest in me was almost gone. Also, the beginning of my studies is coming soon and I will have to do it again, I hope that I will finish it successfully.

I didn't have much to comment on, so this post won't be too long.

But I will not upset you too much (especially those who have been with me for a long time), since my last non-official work will be released around August 31 or September 1 (but I still have a bunch of unfinished ones and they will most likely remain in my folders), after that I will not upload anything here, just like on YouTube.

If you have any questions, write them to me at ask.fm.

Thank you for your support! Maybe someday, I'll come back.


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